Thursday, February 21, 2008

What an Embarassment!

The dreaded LVEC in Kingston appears to be still a work in progress.
Why anyone thought the facility should be open, or even could be ready, for February 22, 2008 is well beyond most people's understanding.
The Fire Department hasn't cleared the building as of 1.15pm today, and the city will make an announcement later this afternoon. What a farce.
This morning, I asked a clerk if she was going to the Frontenac's game on Friday evening. She laughed. Then, she asked me if I thought the building would be ready. She said that she would laugh when they had to have the OHL game in the Memorial Centre. "I wonder if IT will be ready to use?" she asked, laughing.
The process of site selection, management, fund-raising will be a good "case study" for some MBA program. What not to do to get "buy-in" from the community, how not to get community input, tricks to not reaching the fund-raising target, how a council and mayor can sabotage the project, why "design/build" is the wrong way to build your 'showcase' facility....there are so many lessons to be learned here.
Let's hope that other cities study this sad situation, and learn from it.
The next municipal election can't come soon enough for a lot of citizens.

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