Thursday, December 09, 2010


Two outrageous events in 24 hours! One wonders what drives some people...

1. Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, says that the outrage about the World Cup being in Qatar is driven by Christians.

No, Sepp.....the outrage is driven by two things: the widely held view that the vote was rigged, and the ridiculous idea that athletes can perform well in +40'C temperatures.

As a Christian, I am outraged. A sport leader has the implicit responsibility to provide principld leadership. It seems that you aren't doing that.

2. Canada's federal government, with Steven Harper at the top, has spend $3.4 million to re-design cigarette packages, only to decide not to take this important health-related step. Why? The TOBACCO LOBBY has pressured the feds not to do this.

Oh yes, the government claims that it would be more effective to deal with contraband cigarettes, and shut down that illegal extremely lucrative business.

Maybe do both???? DEFINITELY DO BOTH!

Here we have yet another reason to get rid of this government.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Don Cherry in the Wrong Place

Just tells you what the new mayor of Toronto is like, when he has loud-mouth DON CHERRY doing something other that watching at the swearing in of the new council.

The sooner the CBC ends the platform he has on HNIC the better. The only reason they keep him is to keep up the ratings of the show, at least till the beginning of the second period.

Drop Cherry, and watch the hockey ratings plummet on the CBC.

And watch the city of Toronto change under the new mayor (Was going to say "leadership of the new mayor" but so far, there's no 'leadership.' Only "do it my way" and that's not 'leadership.' Just like the Prime Minister. Speaking of whom...we wait with anticipation to see the fireworks between him and Joe Fantino!!)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Two Recent Travesties

First, and most important, the Wikileaks of confidential documents.
People should be outraged.
It is important that those who hold key positions, like the President, PMs, leaders, diplomats and those who work on behalf of citizens have the confidence to report their impressions and thoughts to their superiors, without all this soft fuzzy stuff that seems to be prevalent. They have to be able to say what they think in language that is clear. There's too much baffle-gab around. I want my representatives to be candid and honest when reporting.
The disclosure of so many documents will chill our representatives.

Second, awarding the 2011 World Cup (that's MEN'S world cup soccer) to Qatar.
This nation has no record in soccer, has few venues to conduct the event in, and is totally unsuitable for athletes to compete in, with temperatures hovering around 40'C. No athlete should be playing repeated games in this situation.
I wonder if any of these "boys" who made the decision, have ever spoken to a soldier who is serving in Afghanistan. A spouse that I spoke to, whose partner is in Afghanistan, told me that the daily consumption of water is the amount of one of those large water cannisters, like Culligan provides. Perhaps the level of activity greater for the athletes, but this is a small measure of what these athletes will encounter.
Let's hope that coaches, athletes and countries express their outrage soon.
If there ever was an example of an IF making a decision that only benefitted "the boys" this is it.
Oh yes, they are indeed building four? new stadiums for the event. And dismantling them after the cup is over. Now here's an example of "more money than brains."