Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now it's Happening!

Why are the unions so amazed?
The federal government is about to legislate the postal workers back to work, at a wage settlement that is LESS than they are now receiving!
Where did all these Canadians think the "savings" would come from that would result in eliminating the federal deficit by 2014? There are still only 2 ways to do this: raise taxes or cut the number of employees.
There are cuts in other federal departments, e.g. department of public works, and the staff are wailing.
Canaians voted this lot of people into a majority postion, and will have to live with what they do.
Our country will be forever changed by the time we get rid of the Harper conservatives.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The People Will Be Shocked

Balance the budget by 2014???
Programs will be cut, drastically. It will be staggering.

I wonder what will happen to support for sport. If the PM maintains the support for Own the Podium-type programs, he will have to take the money from the NSOs. And THAT will devastate some of them.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Suddenly, People Have Figured It Out!

Polls done within the last week, by the CBC regarding the PM's plans are showing that

  • fewer than 60% of those polled agree with lowering corporate taxes

  • fewer than 60% of those polled agree with cutting programs to bring the deficit down

Where were these people when Harper laid out those ideas and said he'd do them, if elected with a majority!

Theere are only 2 ways to cut the deficit: raise taxes or cut programs. Or both.

Just wait till programs begin to disappear.....as they say, he has 4 years to do this. Oh yes, that's if he follows the law, which he didn't do related to this election.