Sunday, February 24, 2008

CBC and the Scotties

Yesterday's production of the semifinal of the Scotties was one of the poorest CBC undertakings I've watched for a long time.
I'm a sports fan. I watch every curling game, football game, amateur sport, university sport and almost every minute of the Olympics. So I've logged a lot of hours!
We all agree that Don Wittman will be difficult to replace, so Bruce Rainie will get a bit of slack. It doesn't sound as if he has watched a lot of curling, at least at this level, but that's not the most annoying part of yesterday's telecast.
The most upsetting aspect was Mike Harris' obvious bias toward Ontario. It wasn't so much beating on Manitoba, but it was giving way more air time to Middaugh, and more positive comments about her and the team.
Most curling fans feel for Sherry. She's a fine curler and frankly, in the last year has developed mentally well beyond where she was before. Having lived in Saskatchewan for many years, I watched her and discussed her team's work with avid curling fans. And I give her more than full marks for her fine development in the mental aspect of the game.
But this is about the telecast.
Not only did Mr Harris demonstrate bias towards Ontario's team, he talked much too much, and he overanalysed the game. It was more than annoying. It was as if he was afraid to let the curlers show their abilities to analyse the game. It is THEIR game. What HE would do or WOULD HAVE DONE is immaterial. He is no greater expert than either of the teams on the ice yesterday.
So, today, can we have some "dead air"? The mics on the athletes have given the game to the TV viewers. Let us listen to the athletes, let US think about what they are doing, and let US decide how good the outcome is.


UR said...

Hi Diana,
I am a curler, fan and also one of Mike's biggest critics at times. I have played with Mike, played against Mike, had him criticise me from the mike, and have also been praised from his mike. I watched the games on Saturday and again on Sunday and did not feel the same way you did. Mike adds so much to a curling broadcast it can’t be measured. His comments and insight is a real treat to listen to. One of the few moments during the game on Saturday which I disagreed with came from Joan when she suggested that the scoring of Ontario’s lead was not accurate. A bit offside but I’ll forgive her. A real shame that a fine game on Saturday was not fully enjoyed by you. I can't tell you how much I enjoy listening to Mike and Joan commentate on curling ( I guess I just did tell you how much I enjoy it). The TSN broadcast is a distant 2nd in my opinion. For that matter everyone who I have spoken with in the last two years has agreed with this. The only exception being my mother in-law.
Hope you can get past his insight and enjoy another great week of curling coming up at the Canada Cup and Brier.

Richard Hart

Winter Patriot said...

Hi Diana

I agree with Rich.

Relax. Enjoy. He's very good.;-)