Thursday, March 06, 2008

Speaking of Marketing the LVEC......

Is the operator, Arcturus SMG, in charge of marketing the dreaded LVEC to the citizens? Or who is in charge of marketing the lvec?

Since this project was the idea of the current mayor of the city, why doesn't he become the CHAMPION of the place? How about putting on a big smile and getting out and about the community, talking to groups, getting into The Whig (which has always been a BIG fan of the rink), getting on the radio (and not just K-Rock! Any idea how many Kingstonians don't/won't even LISTEN to Krock??), getting seen around the community as the rink's biggest fan?

Every project needs a BOOSTER or two or several. Every marketing expert will tell you that every successful project needs a CHAMPION.

Come on, Mayor. Make a plan. Set some goals. Commit to making 6 public mini speeches, positive ones that is, per week, about the rink that you wanted so badly. Be positively proactive, with a smile, a warm handskake, and sincerity. Do it YOURSELF; don't just send one of the councillors out to CHAMPION your pet project.

Or is it too late?

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